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Art Projects

Fine Art X-ray Research

Gilder Catalogue Raisonné

Heartland: Attribute/Van Gogh

Laren Mill (featured images #1 & #2)

Laurenstoren, Rotterdam - 135 yr old painting (featured on ABOUT US page)

Mangold Catalogue Raisonné

Man Fishing: Attribute/Monet

Musson Cousin, Signed Degas (featured image #3)

Neihardt Center Appraisals

Robbins Day Music Collection

Public School District Art Inventory

Scottish Rite Historic Art

Swan Catalogue Raisonné

US Marine First Issue of Uniforms

Van Gogh (Attributed) Signed by Elvis

Woman in the Woods: Attributed to Van Gogh

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Photographs on this page top to bottom: Image #1  Laren Mill, Image #2  X-Ray Laren Mill, Image #3  Musson Cousin, Edgar Degas

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