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Endorsements & Recommendations

Connie Telfeyan
Risk/Safety Manager at Omaha Public Schools
March 7, 2013, Connie was a client of Janet’s

"Janet is so knowledgeable of so many types of art. I always love working with her because I learn so much from her as she explains everything fully. Janet gave us the appraisals in formats that were useful to us with full explanation of what every step included. Excellent work!"

Julia Odorisio, MAFDA
Art Historian and Guide at Romeing Tours
October 26, 2019, Julia reported directly to Janet

"I first met Ms. Smith during my studies as an art history student at Creighton University, where she was a guest lecturer. In the three years since then, she has been my mentor, teacher, and employer. I have witnessed first-hand not only the vast scope of her expertise in the areas of art, business, and research methodologies, but also her strict adherence to the highest standards of integrity. Ms. Smith's strength of character combined with her encyclopedic knowledge have lead to lasting relationships with her clients and collaborators. Her dedication to her clients' objectives and priorities is unshakable. Her success as an art historian and consultant is further derived from her highly-organized, pragmatic, and methodical approach to the analysis of fine art and art objects. The broad range of her knowledge and experience renders Ms. Smith a versatile resource for collectors, museums, insurance companies, and colleagues. She is thorough, ethical, and intelligent. My experiences working under the guidance of Ms. Smith ultimately lead me to pursue a MA at the Sotheby's Institute of Art and I feel fortunate indeed for the opportunity to learn from her."

Mary Louise Long
Professional Artist
January 24, 2010, Janet was a client of Mary Louise’s

"Janet G. Smith has given excellent advice on art appraisals. She is thorough, using art historical and contemporary references. I recommend her highly, as an art consultant."

Rick Wilson
Franchise Owner at Unicity International
October 31, 2019, Rick was a client of Janet’s

"Janet Smith is a professional in fine art review and appraisal. She used scientific, academic and analytical approach for the review of my painting. Previously while my uncle was alive the ink and pen used in the original owner's signature on the front was identified by forensic scientists. Then the original owner’s signature and date on the front was thought to be the artist/creator. Janet recognized the real artist/creator. She pursued confirmation with friends of the original owner (who signed the picture) he did not paint it. Janet X-rayed the painting in Omaha, NE. This provided additional information about the picture. Later, she traveled to Florida and with the University of Central Florida science laboratory completed analysis of the picture. With forensic photography and other examinations she confirmed the artist/creator of the picture. The confirmation of the original owner’s signature was provided by a nationally recognized handwriting expert in comparison to early owner signatures. Janet is an expert in X-ray techniques, X-ray review/analysis, forensic and other methods needed to evaluate an art work. She exposed the error in assuming the signature on the front of a painting, as being the artist/creator of the work. When in fact this signature was the original owner signing it for other reasons."

Stuart Smyth
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Symptelligence Medical Informatics
January 23, 2010, Stuart was a client of Janet’s

"Janet Smith is an outstanding professional in her field. She brings forth a unique and realistic approach to the study and valuation of Fine Art. Janet employs a scientific approach to a collection or a singular piece. She is an expert in complex X-ray techniques and other "forensic" related methods to evaluate a work. Janet is a true champion in the art world when it comes to detailed research and the determination of authorship when a painting is presented from an unknown/unsigned artist. She has successfully identified three very valuable 19th century impressionist artists in a collection. It is, without hesitation, that I sincerely recommend to you Janet Smith."

Ilona Covert
Flight Attendant at American Airlines
January 22, 2010, Ilona was a client of Janet’s

"I experienced Art Expert Janet Smith to be a very ethical, reliable business woman. Ms. Smith also impressed me with her vast knowledge in her field of business and I always received prompt responses to my questions."

Ophir Palmon
January 22, 2019, Ophir worked with Janet on various art projects

"I have known Janet for over 13 years, during which time I had the opportunity to collaborate with her on a number of art projects. Janet's professional knowledge and experience are paramount for her success; her work ethic and dedication are of the highest order, and she is a pleasure to work with. Janet is a sharp and independent thinker, whose attention to details is evident in every project she takes on. Her professional skills are second to none, and she is often called on for assignments that few others can command."

Curt Edic
November 1, 2019, Curt was a client of Janet’s

"I would recommend Janet for her hard work when asked to research a historical subject or to establish a value of a piece of art."

Kim Priest
Director at Mary Cotton Public Library
January 22, 2010, Kim was a client of Janet’s

"Janet Smith is a professional from the start, but is able to put a personal touch to a project. Her methods are sound and she places great value on doing the best job possible for her clients."

J.A. Greenleaf
November 15, 2019  J.A. was a client of Janet’s

"I treasure Janet's expert services, knowledge and dedication. We find her completely trustworthy and resourceful. I have recommended her to colleagues and recommend her to you; she has no equals."

Ken White
Project Manager at Infosys - Citizens Bank
April 8, 2019, Ken was a client of Janet’s

"Janet provided a set of art appraisals for me following a flood at my home. I was impressed by the depth of the work; in addition to damage assessment, she provided additional research depth and wrote a full report assessing the origination, quality, and state of each piece. Janet was also great to talk to about the art, obviously a knowledgeable art historian and researcher. I was very impressed with the output produced, and in the end my insurance company accepted the reports and made a full payout for repairs and restoration."

Note: Janet completed an art collection inventory and appraisals for Ken White prior to extensive water damage through out his home. The second review of the Fine Art & Decorative Art Collection was the damage assessment for his insurance claim.

Stacia Luther
Project Manager
November 16, 2019, Stacia worked with Janet but at different companies

"Janet is an extremely talented woman and more goal oriented than anyone I have ever met. She has paved the way for art authentication in Omaha as well as made other significant contributions to her field on a national level. She has done outstanding work and has really made commendable progress in a field that rarely receives the backing (financial and otherwise) that it deserves. Janet is driven, dedicated, and a great mentor. I have recommended her services on numerous occasions while Art Director at Adam Whitney Gallery and will continue to do so in the future. She is tremendously knowledgeable, completely thorough, and trustworthy. I highly recommend her on a personal and professional level."

All recommendations are from Janet G. Smith LinkedIn page. The dates here have been updated based on each individuals date of agreement for their quote to appear on this website page.

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