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Edith lucille robbins day Music collection Management

Edith Lucille Robbins Day Music Project

This project involved the documentation and gifting of an extensive music collection spanning over a century. The collection included many USA opera librettos including the "Pagliacci" Enrico Caruso USA 1st Performance Libretto with the Metropolitan NYC Rare. Pagliacci Grand Opera Libretto Metropolitan NYC 1st Edition under the direction of Mr. Heinrich Conried. December 9, 1903 was the first performance of this opera with Caruso. Also the 1st opera performance in the United States of America by Enrico Caruso.

Collection Provenance: Edith Lucille Robbins (1884-1957) (aka Edith Robbins Day) Robbins was a music instructor and music educator from Nebraska, who traveled internationally studying music. She published and spoke on music, musical technique, music performance and music education internationally and nationally.

Biographical notes:
"At the age of seven her studies in music were begun. These continued through her school and college life. Miss Robbins holds two degrees from the University of Nebraska. As an aid to her song interpretation, Miss Robbins specialized in English Literature, taking her M. A. degree in this work.

After graduate and post-graduate studies in voice, Miss Robbins studied in Chicago. She then made a second trip abroad for further voice study. The years 1910-11-12-13, were spent in Germany, under the guidance of the voice master, George Fergusson, of Berlin. During these years she not only 'carried on her own voice studies, but she was privileged to hear the daily lessons given by Mr. Fergusson to his artist pupils.

Miss Robbins has traveled in nearly every country in Europe in song research. One summer was spent in Norway in study of Norwegian songs. Her programs are the result of active research in many lands. Since her return from Europe she has been a member of the faculty in the University School of Music. She has been actively engaged in concert, oratorio, and lecture-recital work, besides her studio classes in voice. She is an active member of the Matinee Musicale, the Musical Art Club, the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, and the Woman?s Club of Lincoln.

Although born in Dixon, Ill., Miss Robbins has lived from childhood in Nebraska. She is truly a Nebraska woman. She belongs to a family whose members have always been interested in professional work. Her twin brothers, H. A. and H. W. Robbins, of Lincoln, and of Omaha, are graduates of the U. of N. Law College. Her sister, Dr. Emma E. Robbins, of the P. and S. College, Chicago, is the head of the Lettic Mason Quine Hospital, Chinkiang, China. ' Her brother, F. W. Robbins, concert pianist, is the director of the piano department in the Horner Institute of Fine Arts, Kansas City, Mo. Her sister, Alice Robbins Foght, is the wife of H. W. Foght, specialist in rural education, Bureau of Education,
Washington, D. C."

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"Edith Robbins Day*
Edith was an active supporter of many projects for the beautification and betterment of Lincoln and its environs.
The Lincoln Garden Club, Lincoln, NE
First Plymouth Congregational Church
Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority
University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate
Year of Birth: 1884
Year of Death: 1957
Husband: Warren
Children: George, Dr. Lewis Day, Mrs. Carl Anthon, Mrs. A. Price Heusner"

Citation/Copyright: https://www.lcf.org/empowering-donors/benefactors/detail/Edith-Robbins-Day*

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