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Our focus is fine art.

The services we provide are fine art appraisal and consulting. We assist with fine art authentication utilizing recognized experts. Exciting Walter B. Swan news.

Clients are private collectors, non-profits, societies, universities, corporations, organizations, museums, insurance companies, galleries and historical societies.

We assist with fine art inventory. Fine art collection reviews include inventory and appraisals. Appraisal reports assist with accounting, asset management, insurance and risk management decisions. All services are fee based and under contract. 

Smith states "digital radiography makes a fingerprint of the artists creative process. Thereby, protecting it from theft, forgery and preserving the artist's catalogue raisonné for future generations." See X-Ray Research.

Janet Gwendolyn Smith is available for public speaking.

Recent Work

Luke "SOS" Sosinavage - ZOZ Emerald City
Woman In Woods
Woman In Woods.X-Ray
Elizabeth Dolan Woman in the Shadows
For Sale Luke "SOS" Sosinavage - ZOZ GolDen DaZe
Red Florida Sunset Harry Gray
For Sale Luke "SOS'" Sosinavage - ZOZ Urban Blues
Horses at the Dump
3 Ballerinas & The Horse For Sale
Luke “SOS” Sosinavage -ZOZ Urban Trees
Luke "SOS" Sosinavage - ZOZ Urban Architecture
Paris Dress Shop For Sale
Forest Snow Robert F. Gilder SOLD
Rolling Waves on Seashore
USMC Painting For Sale
Luke "SOS" Sosinavage - ZOZ Patriot Graff SOLD


We are a full service art consulting studio located in central, Florida. We work with clients to meet their fine art needs. Fine art is our business.


Every fine art client is unique with specific fine art needs. We listen to your requirements. Then we develop a plan to meet your fine art objectives.


We are experienced in fine art consulting for inventory, discovery, authentication, appraisal, scientific testing, conservation, acquisition and deaccession. All services are fee based and under contract. Your art is important!

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