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Walter Buckingham Swan

Walter Buckingham Swan (1871-1966)

We are delighted that one of the extremely rare MEXICO SERIES paintings from Walter Buckingham Swan's Mexico Show exhibited at the National Gallery in Washington DC and "The Arnot Art Gallery" in Elmira, NY has surfaced. The owner is offering it only on this website. Serious inquiries only. info@jgsart.com

Walter Buckingham Swan (1871-1966) is the only Nebraska artist to have exhibited at the National Museum in Washington D.C.

Smith compiled directly from Swan's original journals a list of the artists work's in chronological order documenting over 40 years of his creative work.. This includes his Mexico show exhibited at the National Gallery in Washington D.C. and over 40 years of his creative work.

The list is the entire documented lifetime production for the artist. This information also contains provenance specific to each individual art work. The artist biography is in process.

Attention owners of Walter Buckingham Swan:

Walter Buckingham Swan art research continues. Smith's research documents over 916 watercolors created by the artist. This includes his exhibition "Water Colors of Mexico by Walter Buckingham Swan" exhibited December 3rd, 1943 to January 2nd, 1944 at the National Museum, Washington DC.

Please be alert, there is a series of "oil on canvas" painted in an "impressionistic style" in "pastel colors". The pictures are signed "SWAN and no date" these "are not" Walter Buckingham Swan" oils. These oil paintings were created in the 1970s or later. Walter Buckingham Swan's art is "realism" and is documented.

Please contact us with any information you have about the artist.

We recommend museum quality framing of your watercolors after the identifiers have been documented and your work registered at "NO CHARGE" or "NO FEE" to you by Smith.

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