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Janet Gwendolyn Smith is an independent fine art appraiser, art consultant, art historian, art authenticator and curator. She is independent from any fine art gallery, auction house, or museum. Janet consults in the areas of authentication, appraisal, program design, collection development, inventory and documentation. She has been active in the art community since 1987.

Janet's focus is her clients, their art and fine art needs. She creates the authentication file to be used by clients with recognized experts to assist in the review and authentication of the art. Janet Smith is a member of the Art History Association (AHA); National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS); Associate Member of The American Institute of Conservation (AIC); Great Plains Affiliate Fellow of the Center for Great Plains Studies-University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Past Great Plains Art Museum Board of Trustees, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; and past member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) Fine Art Committee.

Janet is available for art consultations. Clients are: individuals; private collectors; non-profit foundations; state and city government agencies; insurance carriers; corporations; fraternal organizations; state and private museums; public and private galleries; and state, county and city historical societies.

Art is as unique as its owner. The fine art is reviewed based upon the artist and the individual owner's requirements. We assist museums, non-profit organizations and private collectors with their collections. All services are fee based and under contract.

Janet G. Smith is available to speak on the topics of "Art & Science", "Adventures in Appraising", "Art Authentication", "Building a Collection", "Discovery of Provenance" and "Tracking the Artist".

Types of Fine Art Consulting:  Inventory, Documentation, Valuation, Insurance, Market, or Estate. Inventory Project.

Art Authentication and Art Research:   Academic, Artist Catalogue Raisonne  Forensic/Scientific, Radiograph/X-ray, Provenance, Artist and Art History. 

Art Collection or Program Design:  Individual-Family Heritage and Memories,
Corporate-Commitment to the arts and arts in a community, Business-Employee and Client Benefit, and Foundation-Historic Enrichment.

Building an Art Collection:  Develop a Focus and Scope, Plan a Budget, and
Establish a Collection Time Frame.

Art Collection Management: Appraisals, Art Inventory & Documentation, Organize Your Collection, Plan for Acquisition or Disposal, Conservation, and Records for Insurance Coverage.

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Photographs on this page top to bottom: Image #1 Laren Mill, Image #2 Laren Mill X-Ray, Image #3 Paris Dress Shop, Image #4 Laurenstoren, Rotterdam, 1885 with Janet Smith.

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