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Art history awards for 2020, 2021, and 2022 because of COVID are temporarily suspended  The Art History Awards Selection Committee will meet in the future to review nominees for the Fine Art History Awards for Nebraska and Florida. Please submit your nominee via email to info@JGSART.com. Your submission should include the nominees full name, mailing address, telephone number, year for nomination and email. Please provide a brief description of the nominees art accomplishments, biography or outstanding art contributions. Everyone with an interest in art is welcome to participate in the nomination process. Your nomination will be acknowledged via email. Deadline  is DECEMBER 1, 2022, so please submit your nomination.  



Lonnie Pierson Dunbier, for her continued work maintaining the data base on-line of American Artists, www.askART.com. "Lonnie Dunbier is the principal behind a major undertaking, in conjunction with MONA (Museum of Nebraska Art-Kearney, NE), to research and compile a comprehensive biographical study of nearly 700 women artists connected to Nebraska before 1945. As the first extensive list of these early artists, the information will be an invaluable reference for decades. Lonnie and husband, Roger Dunbier, son of artist Augustus Dunbier, created the database that now is askART.com, a major online source about artists and their work." https://visitkearney.org/event/collection-connection-9/

Clifton Holmquist,  for his art and photography influenced by Alaska and with a Nebraska connection.


Elizabeth Dolan, Posthumous award for her artwork in the exhibits and displays at Morrill Hall, the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Isabella Thelkeld, Posthumous award for her contributions to Nebraska art and artists as a teacher, mentor and educator.


Phyliss Wiener - Posthumous for her contributions of murals and fine art to Nebraska business and other public places.

Bertha Couch Koch, Posthumous for her contributions to the fine arts in Nebraska schools, now the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Angus Brecheen, Artist for his 2016 participation in a virtual art project at Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE and his 2017 participation in Clermont's Fine Art Festival, Lake County, Clermont, FL. The first down syndrome artist to participate in either event. https://www.jgsart.com/angusbrecheen.html


Jeffrey Koterba, Editorial Cartoonist, Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE USA - For his social and political artistic contributions; forcing us to look at ourselves and smile. 

Jeffery "Jeff" Randall (1967-2012) Artist, Lincoln, NE USA - Posthumous award to his mother, Cathy Barger Randall. For Jeff's vision and creative spirit, an artist from the age of 5 working at his drafting table until his death; capturing the edginess of life with his art.

Julie A. Reilly, Executive Director, Omaha by Design, Omaha, NE USA. For her vision and contributions to the city of Omaha; making art part of every citizen's life.


Curtis “Curt” Edic, Council Bluffs, IA, Omaha, NE, National and International – is the retired General Secretary of the Scottish Rite Valley of Omaha. This award acknowledges his dedication and vision to the history and art of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. This included saving and preserving art, artifacts and items of historic interest to the center for future generations to enjoy.

Larry Ferguson, Omaha, NE, National and International;  is a photographer, who travels globally capturing images of places, people and things. This artist embraces the world and shares it with others via his artist and photographic talents. The year 2015 was an extra challenge for his studio after a car decided to view his gallery closer. Larry is an art advocate and supports the creative process. This includes interesting photographic series like "Trees" and "Grain Elevators".

Watie White, Omaha,NE, National and International; an artist, who understands the impact of public art in public places. His work with non-profit organizations enriches lives of Nebraskans. Watie’s brush moved from an Omaha Public School Library to the Habitat for Humanity opening the viewers mind to explore through color and imagery. This award acknowledges his dedication to public art and  his creative contributions to the art and history of the Nebraska community.


Sara Kovanda, Lincoln, NE, National and International - artist and artist advocate, responsible for the publication of “ArtMove” magazine. This acknowledges her tireless work, as the pulse and creative edge for fine art and artists throughout the publications universe. Her vision and creative edge rocks the art community. This includes documenting fine art, art history and the movement of art and artists participating daily in exhibits and exhibitions.

Doug Lewis, Bellevue, NE, USA; dedicated the biographical study of George Washington Lininger, founder of Nebraska’s first art gallery. This study related directly to the Scottish Rite with the discovery and documentation of the Masonic career of George Washington Lininger. This research encompassed a better understanding of the people connected with Lininger in Nebraska and throughout the world. The end result was the proclamation of a George Washington Lininger Day and an exhibition at Joslyn Art Museum of art work from the Lininger Fine Art Collection.

Ophir Palmon, Papillion, NE, USA; Israel, National and International – photographic artist dedicated to education, documentation and artist expression through photography of historic events. The exhibition “Future, Beware!” documents the atrocities of war and the roles of oppressor (perpetrator), victim and witness (bystander) in the cycle of violence. The artist’s camera viewed Poland and the death camps with a group of Jewish American teenagers in the “March of the Living – 2010”. The “March of the Living – 2010” fine art exhibition inspires humanity to work toward a better future for all.


Kevin Sexton - USA and Internationally – his valued service and contributions to the international world of music, art, literature, and history. The diversity of his abilities is far reaching and appreciated by all. The state of Nebraska acknowledges his talents, service, knowledge, creative abilities and the expertise he shared with others. 

Emily Jane Dinsmoor Stevens – NE, MO, KS, USA, and Internationally – her valued contributions included, but were not limited to teaching music in private schools, public schools, private lessons and the ministry of music in churches. Her craft includes voice, piano, organ, violin, guitar, brass, woodwinds and percussion from around the world. Working with her global music professional network and connections, the scope of her abilities far reached any Nebraska or other institutional expectations.


Jerry Ferrara, Florida, USA - Archeologist and CEO of Global Quest TV for his knowledge/understanding of the global culture of art, antiquities, and artifacts based upon the global history impacted by Spain and all the Americas. Utilizing multi-media to bring discovery, the historic fact, the knowledge and understanding to the global community. 

Christopher Foltz, Chicago, IL, USA - Public relations founder for changing the way the Global Community thinks about cultural art, antiquities, and artifacts. Through mass media the world is presented the scientific, academic and historic facts, which provide a foundation for knowledge and the social conscience.

 Dallas Garland, Nevada, USA - Global web cultural coordinator, information manager and webmaster dedicated to presentations of mix media in multiple formats. The blending and merging of geological, archeological, scientific, academic, cultural and historic discoveries as entertainment in a web format for the Global Internet Viewer.

Carrie Layton, Omaha, NE, USA - Regal Awards Manager for her contributions during the past 6 years for the Nebraska Art History Awards and the annual award process.  Without Carrie there would be no awards for the winners!

Lisa Lockwood, Chicago, IL, USA - In appreciation for having my back on an amazing fine art journey! 

Julia Odorisio, Rome, Italy - Fine art specialist and research assistant for her fine art and academic research in Italy, France and England over the past year, which included the translation of a letter written by the Pope’s art authenticator about a painting of importance. 

Theodor Pardo, Nevada, USA - In appreciation to the “Official Ambassador of World Peace One” for his role in bringing fine art, artifacts, history, literature and culture hidden for centuries to the eyes of the global community.


E. Wendell Stevens, Omaha, NE, USA - Calligrapher, poet, artist, and editor for his support and dedication to Nebraska/American art history.

Joan 'Jo' Hoffman, Clearwater,NE,USA - Poet and author of the Great Plains. "Memory...is about 'once upon a time'...running backward...striding at cloud speed to see...embracing a half-forgotten interval...standing by as a door closes forever."

Mark Masuoka, Omaha,NE,USA - Executive Director Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Dedication and support to contemporary artists for enrichment of the Nebraska/International community. Guiding the Bemis Center through the 30th year of the creative process and making art history!

Winter Mendelson, Paris,FR,Rome,IT and Atlanta,GA,USA - University of Georgia student and research assistant for the Napoleon Talisman project at the Louvre and the Napoleon Museum.

Anne Meysenburg, Omaha,NE,USA - Executive Director, The Kent Bellow Studio and Center for the Visual Arts. Dedication to a place/space for art students to create, develop and express their dreams and ideas.

Julia Odorisio, Rome,IT - Fine art graduate Sothebys and research assistant for early 18th century Italian letters discovered in Nebraska.

Marianne Smejkal, Omaha,NE,USA - Graphic Artist for the Media Technology Center with Omaha Public School District. Taking white walls and transforming them into exciting places for students, teachers, staff and families throughout the Omaha Public Schools.

Charles Wright, Lincoln,NE,USA - Attorney. The vision, development and support of the 2012 Native American Juried Art competition at the Great Plains Art Museum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 


Theodore "Ted" Kooser, Garland,NE,USA - American poet whose poetry "...could have been written anywhere, in cities, in empty places". 

Robert L. Miller, Chicago,IL,USA - for his book "Heyn The Stories of Three Photographers" documenting three Omaha photographers and their photographic work.

Amber Mohr, Lincoln,NE,USA Museum Administrator/Curator Great Plains Art Museum/UNL-  for her assistance in review of a newly discovered artist proof bronze by Charles M. Russell.

Julia Odorisio, London,UK - research assistant with fine art research and translation of early 19th century letters discovered in Omaha,NE,USA.

Connie Telfeyan, Bellevue,NE,USA - research assistant for summer projects for fine art and antiques.


Wayne Sealy, Omaha,NE,USA - Art director, illusionist and expert in artist style technique, tips and tricks. Sealy assisted with art research projects in the past 5 years. His Mystery Manor Theater-Omaha is known internationally for development of makeup artists, actors, costume design and staging. The contributions include national charities, rock musicians, movie and stage theater projects.

Joe Greenleaf, Dublin,IRE - Irish art research assistant working at the National Gallery of Ireland in the archives.

LaDonna Eriksen, Omaha,NE - assistance with scientific and microscopic analysis of fine art.

Winter Mendelson, Snellville Georgia,USA - student and research assistant for the Jack B.Yeats project.

Julia Odorisio, London,UK - graduate student research at Villanova University for Jack B. Yeats ‘Broadside’ and other publications. Research assistant for large American, Italian and French estate-summer 2009. Nebraska art research in Paris,FR and London,UK.

RoseAnn Thramer, Omaha,NE,USA - Educator, Millard Public Schools. Assistance with various projects summer and fall 2009.

Ryan Boney, Omaha,NE&PA,USA - Audio project mgr, STRATCOM converting 2 yrs Omaha Public Schools & 17 yrs of Millard Public School music programs (1973-1992)directed by Mrs. Emily Jane Stevens from analog to digital format.


Ed Bentley,  Michigan - 19th Century American Art Historian

Susan Heinemann, Ashville, North Carolina - Monet Exhibition USA

Karen Hollingsworth, Omaha, Nebraska - Monet Exhibition USA

Julia Odorisio, Omaha, NE - 19th & 20th century American artist history; American artists studying with Monet in France.


Will Anderson, graduate of Doane College, 2007 B.A. in English. Researching Omaha art history independently at the University of Nebraska-Omaha utilizing Omaha periodical microfilm of the 19th century. He assisted editing an article for an international publication about the radiography of paintings. Anderson is also an award winning independent film maker.

Laura Hollingsworth, Calvin College, 2008 graduate B.A. in Religion with a minor in Psychology. Hollingsworth’s research included periodical microfilm at the University of Nebraska-Omaha the summer of 2007. Hollingsworth discovered old photographs of 19th century art studios on Farnam Street in Omaha, Nebraska.

Audrey Jacobs, Creighton University, undergraduate in Fine Art for her continuing research of Nebraska 19th century women artists at the Louvre in Paris, Omaha, and Kansas City. Jacobs continues her undergraduate art education at New York City University in 2008.

Julia Odorisio, a graduate of Creighton University, B.A. in Art History, English Literature, French, and a Minor in Film Studies. Her art research was at the Louvre, Musee de Orsay, London National Gallery and the Grand Lodge of England during the summer of 2007. The art research continues in Pennsylvania. Odorisio is studying law at Villanova University

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