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public school district art inventory

Public School District Art Inventory Project.

This was a five (5) year project based upon the school district 501(c)(3) budget and reporting requirements to review 97 buildings of art on walls and in storage.

The school district project encompassed fine art inventory and appraisals for all art and artifacts exhibited and owned. The project was contracted under the Risk Management Division and District Administration. The inventory was for all art held in 97 buildings with over 3,000 works of art in the public school district. Based upon the broad range of values for the individual works of art, one (1) of three (3) different types of appraisals were used for each item based on final appraised value.

Every building/location was listed with each individual work of art listed in a spreadsheet format with 10 basic searchable categories The district spreadsheet was easy for the district to manage. The appraisal reports and inventory were critical for reporting the 501(c)(3) assets and management of the public art collection.

The spreadsheet created made it easy for each department needing reporting information to access the information needed. The spreadsheet documented the individual building's fine art inventory. Risk management used and managed the information for additions, conservation and losses. District administration used the inventory report for accounting, asset reporting, insurance, risk management decisions, district, state, federal reporting and federal 501(c)(3) financial reporting requirements.

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