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Woman in the woods

Woman in the Woods Additional X-ray Research

First X-ray October 30, 2003 McCrone Associates Composite

Second X-ray (Radiograph) June 23, 2004 LODOX Statscan Creighton University Medical Center. Forensic radiograph transferred from film to digital image by Key Light Studio, Omaha, NE, USA.

Medium and Support: Oil on cotton canvas (47 threads pr in)
Dimensions: 20inx16in or 51cm x 40.5cm
Attributed artist: Vincent van Gogh

Two radiographs of the "Old Woman in the Forest" The painting was examined on two different occasions using two different types of digital radiography revealing the same underlying image results.

The first x-ray analysis and creation of a composite x-ray was by the McCrone Associates, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois on October 30, 2003 utilizing digital x-ray at an area head and spinal cord trauma center. McCrone Associates, Inc. then created a composite x-ray from the 6 digital films.

The second x-ray analysis was completed at Creighton University Medical Center on April 30, 2004. The Lodox Statscan was utilized to create one complete Statscan film of the entire painting eliminating the need for a composite. A forensic photographer used the Statscan film to create a digital image file and photograph on June 23, 2004. The Statscan results were superior in the second x-ray primarily because of the elimination of the composite x-ray.

Additional underlying images via digital radiographs
Portrait view - Man in a cap with a workman's apron.

Landscape view - Two men wrestling (see reverse of canvas) VVG letter 447 & 458a excerpts from other publications about Vincent and his art studies of wrestlers and Venus de Milo.

Landscape view - Venus de Milo figure with large hips (see reverse of canvas additional photos).

The original source for the digital Van Gogh images were collected and published in English by R. G. Harrison on CD-Rom. The Van Gogh Gallery produced by R. G. Harrision is now held and published by the Van Gogh Museum. These entire catalog raisonne is published on-line and can be reviewed there.

Dedication and Memory of R. G. Harrison. R. G. Harrison collaboration and his published CD-ROM and on-line Vincent Van Gogh Gallery was a valuable resource and critical to discovery. Smith owes him many thanks for his valued time and contributions to many fine art projects. He assisted with review of images and identification of Vincent van Gogh's location of pictures. His digitalized research was easily searchable. The Van Gogh Museum now publishes the complete data base on-line, which is easily searchable.

Fine Art X-Ray Statement: Janet Gwendolyn Smith has dedicated years to art research of the nineteenth century. This includes the use of radiograph (x-ray) and pigment analysis in fine art discovery. Forensic digital images and digital x-rays are her expertise. Partnering with the LODOX Corporation, her fine art research utilizes the Statscan digital x-ray technology to review fine art throughout the United States.

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