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Woman in the woods

Woman in the Woods

Medium and Support: Oil on cotton canvas (47 threads pr in)
Dimensions: 20inx16in or 51cm x 40.5cm
Attributed artist: Vincent van Gogh
The artist's initials "V" "G" are pointed to by the end of woman's cane in front in red or vermilion. Please refer to Letter #447 - Antwerp 28 January 1886
Dedication: M. Chiron (lower right)
The dedication refers to the husband of the woman (who was an invalid walking with a cane). The artist dedicated the picture to him. Her husband is the person in the Vincent van Gogh portrait "The Old Man" executed December 7-8, 1885 and exhibited at the Van Gogh Museum. (VVG letters 438 and 439) The old man with the head of Victor Hugo was born December 14th. He is a Sagittarius and Civil War Veteran. (Please refer to the Battle of Gettysburg and Vincent's work as "titled" in the catalogue raisonne by Jacob-Baart de la Faille.) Chiron in Greek mythology became the constellation Sagittarius.

Location: Antwerp The location "Antwerp" Rotate the canvas 90 degrees clockwise to read. "ANTWERP" letters are written in totem pole fashion.

Provenance: Private Owner

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