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Walter Buckingham Swan, Artist Catalogue raisonne

Walter Buckingham Swan Project

Walter Buckingham Swan (1871-1966) is the only Nebraska artist to have exhibited at the National Museum in Washington D.C.

Smith has completed compiling a list of the artists work's in chronological order directly from Swan's original journals. This includes Swan's Mexico Exhibition at the National Gallery/Museum, which was in conjunction with the Mexican Consulate. The journals document over 40 years of his creative work. These list is the entire documented lifetime production for the artist. This information also contains provenance specific to each art work. The Swan family has shared copies of the artists exhibition catalogs, photograph albums, personal letters and notes.

Smith provides reviews of Walter Buckingham Swan pictures providing authentication for the owners. The goal is to publish a book, catalog and biography about the artist. The project is on going and owners of his art should contact Janet Smith at info@jgsart.com.

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