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heartland discovery Attributed to vincent van gogh

Sheep & Shepherd

This painting was discovered among American Civil War guns, badges, uniforms and other historic relics. The picture is part of an American Grand Army of the Republic post's history. With the research of American Civil War historians and art historians the painting is being exhibited on-line for the first time.

Offered For Sale by Owner

Artist: Attributed to Vincent van Gogh

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 35.56cm x 52.05cm or 14in x 20 1/4in

Location: The Hague

Date: 1882

Provenance: Private Owner, 2008
Originally gifted to Grand Army of the Republic Post in 1894, as documented in the post meeting minutes.

Description: The shepherd is guiding his flock down the lane. The shepherds dog is assisting with the flock.

The painting is a oil study by Vincent van Gogh after Anton Mauve (1838-1888) Dutch. The scene is similar to "Bringing Home the Flock" by Anton Mauve.(1838-1888)
Anton Mauve (cousin-in-law) was an important influence on Vincent van Gogh's art career. He encourage Vincent van Gogh to create art by gifting him a roll of canvas and paints, as documented in the Van Gogh's letters.

Marketing of pictures with animals: If the animals are facing you or walking toward the viewer, the value of the picture will be higher. So the artist made his picture different by depicting the animals walking away from the viewer.

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