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Luke "sos" sosinavage

Luke Stanislaus “SOS” Sosinavage

(1978) American. PA, FL 

Luke Sosinavage was born on the “Feast Day of Stanislaus” April 11, 1978. Stanislaus was the first Polish Saint to be canonized and as a young boy related to the saint.  He started creating paintings and sculpture at the age of 5.  One of his first creations was a mask, which his mother hung on the refrigerator. He is self taught and was influenced by his grandfather, who played the violin. Uncle Bill, his sister and Ed Hardy were his major art influences. Sosinavage was always drawing and writing. As a young man. he enjoyed the writing and designs of the Hip Hop culture and the graph writers. Creating art on the street in Pennsylvania had its challenges and dangers of the violence found there. 

Sosinavage chose to write, draw and paint on recycled and found objects preferring wood panels, table tops, and discarded plywood. His preference is detailed colorful graphic designs of monumental scale. He is a member of the Retired Graffiti Writers Association (RGWA) of Pennsylvania. The street with its violence caused him to reflect upon the struggles of Saint Stanislaus. On the streets he traveled via skate board, listening to music and celebrating life. During this time his artistic idols were Michael Angelo because of his monumental, colorful and detailed works.

At the age of 24 he traveled to Orlando, Florida via Miami and Penbrooke Pines and discovered an active and exciting artists working and producing art “plein air”. The sunlight, the weather and the laid back creative environment relaxed his gestures and expanded his imagination. Here he collaborated with other artists, met business owners and could walk everywhere. This made it easy for him to carry his easel, paints, boards, water and coffee with ease and without weather challenges.

As years moved forward in Florida, he found himself painting with a small artist group of 3 others creating together on the “Plant Street” in Winter Garden outside of Orlando. Axum Coffee Shop was the gathering place and then the group would move to various locations around the bike paths, walk ways and fountains. This group is known as the “Winter Garden Wisteria Artists”. All have their own distinct styles, interests and techniques and influences. The SoBo Gallery of Winter Garden exhibits his work in monthly shows.

Sosinavage style is high end graffiti with abstract nature expression. The colors employed are explosive and brilliant like the colors of “Easter Eggs” and reflect the human spirit, virtual motifs and surrealism. The gesture lines are free flowing and can command a monumental space or flow fluidly into small defined space. He sees himself as a “doer” always creating and trying new fresh ideas and subjects. Urban landscape with buildings, walkways, trees encompassing yesterday and today find their way to his canvas.

The artist works are owned by private individuals, businesses, libraries, churches, friends, other artists and family. One of his works on wood panel is owned by the collector of the largest graffiti writer collection in the USA, most possibly the world in Washington State. Sosinavage signs his art as “ZOZ”, SOS, LS and 25 years of his art expresses many different periods of his life and influences. He challenges himself with connecting to the people in the community, wanting to share with them his vision. On the street, when working he talks to the people that stop by to watch him work and look at his pictures.  

Sosinavage looks forward to many years of working in Winter Garden and creating for the people, who travel, live and work in the area. Every day he stretches his vision and develops fresh new images for others to enjoy.

Feature Image: ZOZ Patriot Graff For Sale We represent the artist works on this website.

Sources:  Biography based on a personal interview on Sunday, April 15, 2018 at AXUM Coffee Shop in Winter Garden, Florida by Janet G. Smith, American art historian.

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