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chris t. nelson

Chris "CT" Nelson  Born:  1972 - Lincoln, Nebraska
Known for:  abstract realism-repetitive fragmatism

Chris Nelson (CT) created a style of painting; he named "Repetitive Fragmatism".  His canvas works in oil show a fragmenting and repetition of the subject.   The images are similar to cut up multiple photos, which are offset and painted in supporting colors.  As a result, the oil on canvas work is between the worlds of abstract, realism and representational art.  This style of painting drew the attention of the Denver School of the Arts (high school) students in 2006, and they elected to study the artist and his work for a class project via an exhibition.
Nelson has artistic roots back to his great-grandfather Herbert Roberts, a talented artist at the beginning of the 20th century.  Roberts attended the Chicago Institute of Art, but abandoned his art career for a more practical farm life.  Inspired by his great-grandfather's artwork, Nelson vows to make art his career.
The gene pool gift, his natural ability and trained artistic eye provide the edge he needs in the craft.  Nelson focuses on the connection with the casual observer, the observer's relationship, recognizing or acknowledgement of the images.  He wants the images to inspire thought, revelation, or a simple reaction—like a smile—to the picture.  The images trigger thoughts that relate directly to the observer's past experience.  The artist seeks to understand and communicate with others through his oil on canvas.
The desire to succeed with his art took him first to Milford, Nebraska for completion of a Graphic Design Program at Southeast Community College.  He continued art education from the graphic design to fine arts at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  The university provided him with the opportunity to take multiple art history classes.  Art history helped him understand what came before him, something he believes most artists undervalue.  This is where he got his first real look into the different worlds of his major influences, which include Ernest Blumenschein, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, Walter Ulfer, Vincent van Gogh and Marcel Duchamp.
The art scene in Nebraska kept his mind open to change.  From 1997 to 2001 he worked in various mediums including acrylic.  Nelson moved to Denver in 2002. The stimuli of the Denver art environment allowed him to discover and work in a defined, mature and talented "art scene".
Then in 2003 he attend a "First Friday" in the Santa Fe Art District, the space gallery exhibition of Lu Cong altered the path of Nelson's creativity.  He walked out of the gallery shaking his head and saying to friends, "I have to start over; I have to start all over."  The exhibit showed Nelson how strong visual expression changes someone by forcing them to think differently from that moment forward.  That night, he not only changed his style, but his whole approach to painting.  The visual impact altered not only his artistic vision, but moved him to begin working with oil.
This dramatic change brought his artwork into the limelight of the Denver art community.  His first taste of success was the acceptance of all four works of his new style of Repetitive Fragmatism into a gallery's invitational show.  This was the first time in the gallery's history all of one artist's works for an invitational were accepted.  Nelson's second success was runner up in the International Gamblin Oil Paints 2005 Torrid Grey Competition.  This style was exhibited at two more exhibitions the latter half of 2005. Then in February of 2006, he exhibited his first solo show of Repetitive Fragmatism.  Previously, Nelson had participated in public and private exhibitions monthly from 1997-2006.  He has been selected to exhibit at the prestigious Cherry Creeks Art Festival, Denver, CO during the summer of 2006.  This is one of America's premiere art venues with more than 350,000 people attending the three-day art festival in 2005.
Nelson works more than 20 hours a week developing ideas for new projects.  He is commissioned by Colorado area business owners to create paintings for specific areas. The collectors of his art are international including: Eskisehir, Turkey, National Cable Telecommunication Association in Washington DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nebraska, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri.
The inspiration for change he credits to Lu Cong and the Denver art community environment for stimulating the creative process.  The paintings, creative expression and Repetitive Fragmatism are CT Nelson's!
E-mail interviews, telephone interview and communications with the artist January 25th-February 22nd, 2006.
Exhibitions and patron information based upon the artist's resume.
Introductions and additional exhibit information was provided by Ron Nelson and other private American collectors.
The artist website was the focus for past works exhibited www.ctnelson.com
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