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Our focus is fine art appraisal and art consulting.
For more information please contact us: info@jgsart.com

Please contact us concerning your appraisal needs.

Under "Consulting" are other services and the 'Art & Science' PowerPoint from the Creighton University Medical Center lecture with the "LODOX Statscan.

Janet Gwendolyn Smith is an independent fine art appraiser, art consultant, art historian, art authenticator and curator. She is independent from any gallery, auction house, or museum. Janet mentors American art history students nationally. She contributes American artist biographies to www.askart.com with the focus on 19th-21st century women artists.

Janet consults in the areas of authentication, appraisal, program design, collection development, inventory and documentation. She has been active in the art community since 1987. The past 25 years her focus has been her clients, their art and art research. She utilizes recognized experts to assist in the review of the art. Janet Smith is a past member of the International Society of Appraisers, Art History Association (AHA), National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS), Associate Member of The American Institute of Conservation(AIC)and Associate Fellow of the Center for Great Plains Studies. We provide fine art appraisal services.

Janet is available for art consultations. Clients are individuals, private collectors, non-profit foundations, insurance carriers, societies, corporations, fraternal organizations, museums, galleries and historical societies.

Art is as unique as its owner. The art is reviewed based upon the art, the artist and the individual owner's requirements. We assist museums, non-profit organizations and private collectors with purchases and sales of art without public exposure through auctions.

Fine Art X-Ray Available
We are scheduling appointments for Fine Art X-Rays May 2014 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. These appointments are for oils on canvas or oils on board only. Please send an email jgsomaha@yahoo.com.

Walter Buckingham Swan Discovery
Swan created 75 watercolors of Mexico to be exhibited at the National Gallery. The project validated his lifetime watercolor production. Sponsored by the Mexican Consulate. 1 picture from Mexico series was discovered. The watercolor is confirmed authentic.
Serious inquiries to info@jgsart.com or jgsomaha@yahoo.com


September 3, 2013
The nominating committee convened July 6, 2013 and awarded the first summer Nebraska Art History Awards for 2013. The honorees are awarded a metal and letter of appreciation.

Kevin Sexton - OH, USA and Internationally - his valued service and contributions to the international world of music, art, literature, and history. The diversity of his abilities is far reaching and appreciated by all. The state of Nebraska acknowledges his talents, service, knowledge, creative abilities and the expertise he shared with others.

Emily Jane Dinsmoor Stevens - NE, MO, KS, USA, and Internationally - her valued contributions included, but were not limited to teaching music in private schools, public schools, private lessons and the ministry of music in churches. Her craft includes voice, piano, organ, violin, guitar, brass, woodwinds and percussion from around the world. Working with her global music professional network and connections, the scope of her abilities far reached any Nebraska or other institutional expectations.

September 1, 2013
The manipulation and removal of the Barnes Foundation at Merion is extremely unsettling to US fine art owners. Dr. Albert Barnes knew what he liked, understood and enjoyed, regardless of anyone's opinion. It was his money that purchased the collection. The foundation/trust was to protect the collection. Unfortunately, the protection he sought for the collection was circumvented. The question remains "How do I protect my collection in the US?" If you know how to avoid this situation for my fine art clients, please contact me. Thank you. -- Janet G. Smith
Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20130901_Art__Back_at_the_Barnes__a_second_look.html#HeWXljUvQ27XYfgx.99

August 31, 2013 Biography in progress for artist, John Fulton Short (May 25, 1933-Feb. 8, 1998) American Artist and Matador.

Please confirm your appraiser has provided you with a written "Certified Appraisal" for any appraised amount over $5,000.00. Always confirm with the appraiser when purchasing fine art using an appraisal that they infact wrote the appraisal and confirm the appraised amount.

Copyright Janet Gwendolyn Smith Art 2004-2014 All artwork is copyright of the respective owner or artist.


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