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Our focus is fine art appraisal and art consulting.
Please contact us: info@jgsart.com

We assist 501c organizations with fine art inventory and inventory updates. Smith completed the inventory of 97 buildings with over 3,000 works of art for a public school district. A fine art review includes inventory and appraisals. Assists management with accounting, asset, insurance and risk decisions.

Janet Gwendolyn Smith is an independent fine art appraiser, art consultant, art historian, art authenticator and curator. She is independent from any gallery, auction house, or museum. Janet mentors American art history students nationally. She contributes American artist biographies to www.askart.com with the focus on 19th-21st century women artists.

Janet consults in the areas of authentication, appraisal, program design, collection development, inventory and documentation. She has been active in the art community since 1987. The past 25 years her focus has been her clients, their art and art research. She utilizes recognized experts to assist in the review of the art. Janet Smith is a member of the Art History Association (AHA), National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS), Associate Member of The American Institute of Conservation(AIC), Associate Fellow of the Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and past member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) Fine Art Committee. We provide fine art appraisal services.

Janet is available for art consultations. Clients are individuals, private collectors, non-profit foundations, insurance carriers, societies, corporations, fraternal organizations, museums, galleries and historical societies.

Art is as unique as its owner. The art is reviewed based upon the art, the artist and the individual owner's requirements. We assist museums, non-profit organizations and private collectors with purchases and sales of art without public exposure through auctions.


Sara Kovanda, Lincoln, NE, USA; National and International - artist and artist advocate, responsible for the publication of "ArtMove" magazine. This acknowledges her tireless work, as the pulse and creative edge for fine art and artists throughout the publications universe. Her vision and creative edge rocks the art community. This includes documenting fine art, art history and the movement of art and artists participating daily in exhibits and exhibitions.

Doug Lewis, Bellevue, NE, USA; dedicated the biographical study of George Washington Lininger, founder of Nebraska's first art gallery. This study related directly to the Scottish Rite with the discovery and documentation of the Masonic career of George Washington Lininger. This research encompassed a better understanding of the people connected with Lininger in Nebraska and throughout the world. The end result was the proclamation of a George Washington Lininger Day and an exhibition at Joslyn Art Museum of art work from the Lininger Fine Art Collection.

Ophir Palmon, Papillion, NE, USA; Israel, National and International - photographic artist dedicated to education, documentation and artist expression through photography of historic events. The exhibition "Future, Beware!" documents the atrocities of war and the roles of oppressor (perpetrator), victim and witness (bystander) in the cycle of violence. The artist's camera viewed Poland and the death camps with a group of Jewish American teenagers in the "March of the Living - 2010". The "March of the Living - 2010" fine art exhibition inspires humanity to work toward a better future for all.


William Bernoir, Mascotte, FL USA; CA, OH, National and International - his valued
contributions to the community and for the children in Florida through his art lessons, the entertainment community for his varied talents and his vision of colorful expression. He embraces the creative process and understands the importance of creative events for children. This includes exhibitions of fine art in Central Florida.

Eleanor 'Ellie' Hofer, Ft. Myers, FL, USA; CA, and ID - her creative ability in the digital fine art world, through the use various graphic design via models and modes of creativity to stimulate the minds of children and adults alike. The marketing expertise to open doors and provide introductions for fine art professionals in the area of Fort Myers, Florida on the West Coast of Florida.

James Pollock, Pierre, SD, USA; Korea, Vietnam, National and International - his dedication to document history through art of the "ordinary soldier in Vietnam". This was not limited to the art, but included publication of his journal, various combat artist articles linked with the fine art exhibitions internationally, specifically the "US Army Soldier-Artists in Vietnam". He was dedicated to documenting and sharing his experiences not only through a sketch pad, pen, ink and watercolor, but joining with other South Dakota and American artists of the Vietnam era for exhibitions of their works. The combat art is held by the National Museum of the U.S. Army, so the Vietnam era art and history is not lost.


Robert Fletcher Gilder, Nebraska Artist
We are currently, updating the artist catalog and want to capture all private collection pictures. If your Gilder is not appraised for insurance, we provide appraisal services for this artist.

Walter Buckingham Swan Catalog in Process
Swan created 75 watercolors of Mexico to be exhibited at the National Gallery. The project validated his lifetime watercolor production. Sponsored by the Mexican Consulate. Please contact us, if you own a Swan for placement and confirmation in the artist's catalog.Serious inquiries to info@jgsart.com or jgsomaha@yahoo.com


Please confirm your appraiser has provided you with a written "Certified Appraisal" for any appraised amount over $5,000.00. Always confirm with the appraiser when purchasing fine art using an appraisal that they infact wrote the appraisal and confirm the appraised amount.

Copyright Janet Gwendolyn Smith Art 2004-2015 All artwork is copyright of the respective owner or artist.


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