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Our focus is fine art appraisal and art consulting.
Please contact us: info@jgsart.com

We assist 501c organizations with fine art inventory and inventory updates. Smith completed the inventory of 97 buildings with over 3,000 works of art for a public school district. Fine art reviews include inventory and appraisals. Reports assist with accounting, asset, insurance and risk management decisions.

Janet Gwendolyn Smith is an independent fine art appraiser, art consultant, art historian, art authenticator and curator. She is independent from any gallery, auction house, or museum. Janet mentors American art history students nationally. She contributes American artist biographies to www.askart.com with the focus on 19th-21st century women artists.

Janet consults in the areas of authentication, appraisal, program design, collection development, inventory and documentation. She has been active in the art community since 1987. The past 25 years her focus has been her clients, their art and art research. She utilizes recognized experts to assist in the review of the art. Janet Smith is a member of the Art History Association (AHA), National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS), Associate Member of The American Institute of Conservation(AIC), Associate Fellow of the Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and past member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) Fine Art Committee. We provide fine art appraisal services.

Janet is available for art consultations. Clients are individuals, private collectors, non-profit foundations, insurance carriers, societies, corporations, fraternal organizations, museums, galleries and historical societies.

Art is as unique as its owner. The art is reviewed based upon the art, the artist and the individual owner's requirements. We assist museums, non-profit organizations and private collectors with purchases and sales of art without public exposure through auctions.


Robert Fletcher Gilder, Nebraska Artist We are assisting private collectors locating Gilder's "snow paintings" for their collections. If you are interested in selling, send your price and image to jgsomaha@yahoo.com

Support your local fine art museums and art galleries. If your community does not require 5% of the total budget for new building to include public art. Make some legislative changes now for future generations!


Glen Brecheen, Montverde, FL USA; for his valued contributions to the community by supporting and sharing his vision of fine art and the art of Florida. His knowledge of Lake County and South Florida parks, wildlife, back roads, hidden beauty floral and fauna assists others in their creative mission. He acknowledges and references the history and the ever changing tropical environment of Florida.

Harry Gray, Clermont, FL USA; for his valued contributions of his fine art for auctions to support fine art events in Florida. The artist hand painted t-shirts for volunteers to wear. He also donated a series of his Florida Landscapes to assist with the funding for the "Youth Art and Culture Fest" and the "Downtown Clermont Art Festival". He gives his time, creative skills and encourages other aspiring artists to create and produce art. Harry is a "Champion for the Arts"!

LACE Medical Services, LLC, Clermont, FL USA; for their valued contributions to the community supporting their vision of fine art and art in Florida. This support came through sponsorship of the "Youth Art and Culture Fest" and the "Downtown Clermont Art Festival". LACE encouraged art in the community by provided needed Financial support. They understand the importance of creative events for children and the community. LACE Medical Services, LLC are true "Champion for the Arts"!

Larry Oskin, Clermont, FL,NY USA; his valued contributions to the community supporting
fine art and art in Florida. The president of Art Beautique, Inc. and Marketing Solutions, Inc.
utilized his marketing and photographic skills to capture the "Youth Art and Culture Fest" and the "Downtown Clermont Art Festival". His skill in photographic documentation of these Florida events preserves them historically. Larry is a "Champion for the Arts"!

Ron Smart, Clermont, FL, OK, USA; for his valued contributions to the community supporting and sharing his vision of fine art and art Florida. The executive director works for the Clermont Downtown Partnership. CDP sponsors the "Youth Art and Culture Fest" and the "Downtown Clermont Art Festival". He embraces the creative process and understands the importance of creative events for children and the community. Ron is a true "Champion for the Arts"!


Curtis "Curt" Edic, Council Bluffs, IA, Omaha, NE, National and International; is the retired General Secretary of the Scottish Rite Valley of Omaha. This award acknowledges his dedication and vision to the history and art of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. This included saving and preserving art, artifacts and items of historic interest to the center for future generations to enjoy.

Larry Ferguson, Omaha, NE, National and International; is a photographer, who travels globally capturing images of places, people and things. This artist embraces the world and shares it with others via his artist and photographic talents. The year 2015 was an extra challenge for his studio after a car decided to view his gallery closer. Larry is an art advocate and supports the creative process. This includes interesting photographic series like "Trees" and "Grain Elevators".

Watie White, Omaha,NE, National and International; an artist, who understands the impact of public art in public places. His work with non-profit organizations enriches lives of Nebraskans. Watie's brush moved from an Omaha Public School Library to the Habitat for Humanity opening the viewers mind to explore through color and imagery. This award acknowledges his dedication to public art and his creative contributions to art and art history of the Nebraska community.


Robert Fletcher Gilder, Nebraska Artist We are currently, updating the artist catalog to document all private collection pictures. If your Gilder is not appraised for insurance, we provide appraisal services for this artist.

Walter Buckingham Swan Catalog in Process Swan created 75 watercolors of Mexico to be exhibited at the National Gallery. The project validated his lifetime watercolor production. Sponsored by the Mexican Consulate. Please contact us, if you own a Swan for placement and confirmation in the artist's catalog. Serious inquiries to info@jgsart.com or jgsomaha@yahoo.com


Please confirm your appraiser has provided you with a written "Certified Appraisal" for any appraised amount over $5,000.00. Always confirm with the appraiser when purchasing fine art using an appraisal that they infact wrote the appraisal and confirm the appraised amount.

Copyright Janet Gwendolyn Smith Art 2004-2016 All artwork is copyright of the respective owner or artist.


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