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Karen Wallo

Karen Wallo was born in New Jersey. On her maternal side she is a descendent of "Jonosek", the Robin Hood of Czechoslovakia. Her parents were Elizabeth Jonosek and William Wallo (Valo in Czech). Her parent's romance started when they met in a pizza parlor in Central New Jersey. Both were one-hundred percent Czech, and all previous ancestors were born in Eastern Europe. Karen Wallo began expressing herself creatively at the age of five. She started by playing the organ, and painting and singing became the center of her world as she matured.

Wallo's father was her first art teacher, and they spent time drawing together when she was very young. She had a natural talent. When she was 10 years old she won her first gold medal for a drawing of a dog. Wallo is the niece of Maurice Valo, a famous Czechoslovakian artist of the 1930s. While singing and touring she viewed one of her uncle's paintings on display in a medical building and was gratified to see his work appreciated in the United States.

Wallo studied Fine Arts and Music at Montclair University in New Jersey and graduated in 1981, magna cum laude. As a painter she continues to study and collaborate with other artists. She paints from her soul, drawing on internal inspiration, as opposed to using references, even when creating a landscape. This technique develops the realms of her imagination for a critical creative link with other people and her art.

Wallo's artwork has been exhibited in many galleries and art shows throughout the United States. In May 2002, she lectured at the Leprecon 28 Art Convention on techniques, inspirations and futuristic works. She exhibited at the same convention. Much of her work is based on commissions by patrons to create with specific colors, moods, ideas and designs. Her medium is primarily acrylic on canvas utilizing in a wide variation in size.

Wallo's painting "Prehistoric Wetlands" was featured on the news in Las Vegas during an exhibit at a gallery in Henderson, Nevada. In 2003 for the Renaissance Fair in Las Vegas she was commissioned by an art agent to perform live painting. On June 2, 2004, Wallo appeared on the television show of "Dr. Phil", and one of her paintings was featured behind her during the interview.

She was a member of the Henderson Art Association, and Wallo's residency for the past ten years has been Las Vegas, Nevada. Other events and exhibitions include galleries in the Henderson area, and her art has hung at Starbucks and Borders bookstore in Nevada. She enjoys exhibiting and working with her art patrons.

In 2002, Wallo embarked on a new adventure rarely taken by fellow artists. She and Fernando Molinari created nine paintings on the same canvas. The melding of their two styles and techniques produced uniquely beautiful works of art. One technique was "painting in action". This technique allows the artist to paint with specific color and shapes heard in a composition of music. Wallo and Molinari exhibited throughout the United States in joint exhibitions, covering a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. Molinari returned to his home country in Argentina.

Wallo continues her fine art projects in various locations throughout the USA.

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