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Harry Albert Gray, Jr.

Harry Albert Gray, Jr. (1961)
Clermont, FL

Harry Albert Gray Jr, was born in 1961 at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida to Harry and Virginia Gray Sr. The family lived in South Miami until he was the age of 10. They moved to Pennsylvania for one year and then returned to West Hollywood, Florida with parents, Harry and Virginia Gray Sr., and they bought a home.

Gray's interest in art, started with the introduction to art by a Mr. Wolf, his art teacher at Driftwood Middle School. Gray first worked with colored pencils, pen ink, watercolors and then oils.

He married Tammy, in 1983 and started their family. While raising his three daughters, Gray worked as a carpenter, and starting his own interior trim carpenter business, he relocated to Clermont in Central Florida.

During these 25 years, Gray focused on perfecting his fine art painting techniques. The economy shifted in 2004, and a decline in business caused him to shut down his company as the economy affected the entire construction market. Depression had a hold on Gray until his wife, offered him a paintbrush.

From then on Gray's life was focused on painting. He now feels fortunate that his wife not only loves him, but recognized his talent. Painting changed not only his life, but his outlook on life, it calmed his soul! And now, Harry Gray paints daily and expresses the way he treasures "Old Florida," beautiful tropical Florida, before the asphalt and concrete highways.

He paints "plein air" as well as in his studio and on location for murals. Walking every day in Central Florida refreshes his memory of the beautiful South Florida from his childhood. For him, every picture is a special place from his Floridian past, unlocked from his memory---a beautiful sunset, nature in its course, sounds of ocean cracking on the beaches, the smell of the salt air blowing through the palm trees, a soaring bird these memories bring his art to life. The artist's goal is to take viewers to these places through his art, whether it is in a mural, on a wall, or small picture on canvas.

Living in Central Florida he owned and operated a fine art gallery in Leesburg. He is a lifetime member of South Lake Art League, in Clermont, Florida. He exhibits statewide, in fine art galleries, malls, and restaurants, and he enters and wins juried awards with his pictures such as Disney Flower and Garden, Florida Wildlife Reserve, and Lake County Exhibitions.

Organizing fine art exhibits at Lake Square Mall in Leesburg, FL with and for artists, Gray enjoys participating with local charities by donation of a picture or sharing his artistic skill. Recipient groups are Our Children First, Cancer Society Hospice, and the Good Neighbors program with Dianne Garvis.

Written and submitted by Janet G. Smith, art consultant, art historian, and independent consultant.

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Biography based on a personal interviews on February 17, 2015 and March 4, 2015 at the artist's home in Clermont, Florida

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